Review Homework (Pearson 6.1), particularly Venn Diagram.
Talk through Q 6 (Analysis of Manila satellite photos) & 7 (stream flow rate)

Biodiversity loss in urban environments (Pearson 6.2)
– expansion
– introduced species
– pollution
– toxic discharge (chemicals, including pesticides)
– bacterial contamination (leaking sewers etc)
– nutrient build-up (‘eutrophication’ is the excess of nutrients (nitrogen/phosporus) which stimulates abnormal algal and plant growth)

Carbon Cycle (see p. 181 of Pearson 6.2)

Having identified issues above with biodiversity loss, suggest possible strategies to overcome 3-4 of the current impacts and to lessen these impacts in the future.

You might set up a table with four columns:

Biodiversity Loss Issue – Strategy – Benefits – Possible negative consequences