This website is aimed at secondary students, primarily the ones I teach, but all are welcome who walk upon these shores – just make sure you reference it correctly 🙂

Brendan Toohey has been teaching high school History, English, Religion, Theory of Knowledge and assorted other Humanities subjects since 1999. He has taught senior secondary classes in Brunei, Singapore and Australia. He holds Bachelors degrees in Arts, Theology and Education, Master of History and Master of Arts in Military History.

Judge my value and limitations with reference to origin and purpose accordingly!


Workshops Presented

HTASA 2016: Trench Warfare Activities

HTASA 2017: The American War: Vietnamese perspectives on the 30 year war in Indo-China



The Back Nine of Augusta … in Bangkok?‘, GOLFWRX, 14 April 2014

Murdaca wins Asia-Pacific Amateur‘, GOLFWRX, 27 October 2014



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