HTASA 2017

The American War:
Vietnamese perspectives on the 30 year war in Indo-China

Presentation: The American War-HTASA2017

The Founding of the NLF (one page summary sheet)

Photos: War Remnants Museum & Cu Chi Tunnel Complex
The American War – photos


The Cu Chi Tunnels‘: a one hour Vietnamese documentary with footage, photographs, interviews and explanations (English subtitles)

Tourist Video of Cu Chi tunnels and traps

Still to come: Vietnam posters and postcards – I couldn’t get them to scan satisfactorily


Obviously, there are thousands of US / Australian sources, but in keeping with the theme of the workshop, I am presenting here only Vietnamese based sources … except for this one by Henry Kissinger on the Vietnam negotiations, Foreign AffairsJan 1969 as a plug for  Foreign Affairs, which I think is well worth the digital subscription (about US$40pa) for its access to archived material since 1922)
Article: Foreign Affairs – Kissinger 1969


Ho Chi Minh on the Viet Nam People’s Armed Forces, The Gioi Publishers, Vietnam, 2012.

Le Kinh Lich, The 30 Year War: 1945-1975, The Gioi Publishers, Ha Noi, 2012.

Song Thanh, Ho Chi Minh: A brilliant thinker, The Gioi Publishers, Vietnam, 2012.

Truong Nhu Tang, A Vietcong Memoir: An inside account of the Vietnam War and its aftermath, Vintage Books, New York, 1986.