Business Innovation – Resources

Stage 1 outline
Stage 2 outline

Gaddie Pitch

A key part of business (and Business Innovation) is the ability to sell (or pitch) your idea/s.

The Gaddie Pitch is a structured way to make an ‘elevator pitch’ [20 sec or so, the length you are stuck in an elevator with someone], but it can be used as a base for any length pitch.

  1. You know how … [outline a problem, targeted to your audience]
  2. Well, what we do is … [how do you solve this problem?]
  3. In fact, … [this is how good we are – one great example]
    Not included in a Gaddie Pitch, but one that I recommend is often an excellent closer, is
  4. Call to action [buy! take my card/info, can I follow this up with an email / call / DM?]

Starting a business

Business Model Canvas – overview by BMI

How to build a startup – Definitive guide to ‘lean launchpad’ business model. Excellent resource!

Start your business – Business SA

Design Thinking Process

Design Thinking – overview

The value of Design Thinking in business

Breaking down the Design Thinking Process

Revenue Models

Subscription bubble ready to burst – AIM


4 Ps of Marketing

Develop a marketing strategy – Business Qld

Case Studies



8 Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs