This site keeps evolving – it is basically a place for me to keep my teaching resources and ideas together in a totally sporadic manner. If you find it useful, great!

A new addition for 2023 is TLDR: Teaching Literature Digest & Review. There is so much that is TL (too long) therefore I DR (don’t read). This is my attempt to give an hour or two per week to professional reading (and I remember it better if I summarise and write, hence, the TLDR Blog!)



Thank you for visiting my site. One piece of advice I give all my students is to buy your own domain name (eg www. yourname. com … if it is still available. You have only one chance – once someone else with your name buys it then it is probably gone forever. You may have seen Jeb Bush fail this during the 2016 Presidential Election: JebBush.com transferred people directly to the site of his Republican rival, Donald Trump!

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