Year 11 Business Innovation (Sem 2)

Existing Businesses

One of the keys to Business Innovation is the ability to identify possible products, services and business ideas. Mark Rober has done some cool jobs, and some cool videos. He’s way cooler than me, so I’ll let him explain how he comes up with good ideas

What are the key strategies Rober identified to help him come up with and put in place his ideas?

For those who have seen the video, read this article: How to come up with hundreds of business ideas

What are the seven key areas? What are examples of each that YOU can think of?

Existing Businesses: Sustain and Transform

The focus this semester is on existing businesses (after looking at establishing a business in Semester 1).

Before we get onto developing or ‘transforming’ a business, what helps a new business become successful? Answer the questions below:

Without research – create a mind map of at least ten things that you think contribute to (small) business success

In a different colour, add another ten things you found through research that helps businesses succeed.