Making a Nation

Year 9 Humanities: Australian History

The extension of settlement including the effects of contact

“The Biggest Estate on Earth” –

[What are the four main ideas – not just the 1st 4!]

1824: Wiradjuri War (p150), 1838: Myall Creek (p151)

1829: Tasmania – Governor Arthur’s Proclamation Boards

The law applies equally to whites and blacks. (Read more)

The experiences of non-Europeans in Australia prior to the 1900s

Chinese in NSW & Victoria (including goldfields)

–  Chinese on the goldfields – and extra links on communities, mining methods and anti-Chinese racism
–  Goldfields as first experience of multiculturalism – SBS
–  Fear of the Chinese – SBS

Afghan Cameleers in South Australia

–  An interesting article, from Australian Geographic. (Also links at end)
– – from South Australian Museum
–  The Afghan Camel Men – Flinders Ranges Research
–  Afghan Cameleers: the forgotten Muslim heroes of Australia


Introductory Lesson Idea

Overview, from the Parliamentary Education Office

Profile of Australia at Federation

Life in Australia around 1900: Photo Analysis Task

Australian Electoral Commission resources:
The Referendums 1898-1900
First Commonwealth Parliament
Voting in the 1903 Election

We aren’t too cool for BTN in Year 9, are we?

Reasons for and against Federation

– Pearson textbook pp. 181-184

– Aust Govt:

– Parliamentary Education Office

– Griffith University

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander perspective

Aboriginal Voting Rights (Australian Electoral Commission):


Click to open your Worksheet on the Australian Parliament


Teacher to show this ppt about the Immigration Restriction Act 1901