Our environment

List as many words as you can think of to describe ‘environment’ or its components. [2 min]

How do humans use ‘the environment’ – ie the resources of the earth? Classify these resources as Renewable, Somewhat Renewable or Not Renewable.

Refer to this document. Outline how the earth functions as source, sink, service and spiritual.
What are some examples of these not listed in the document?


1. Finish the above.

2. Some ecosystem services are below. Give an example for each, and classify as source, sink, service or spirituality:

  • Dispersing seeds
  • Places for recreation and reflection
  • Purifying the air, providing oxygen
  • Moderating weather extremes
  • Building and maintaining soil fertility
  • Decomposing and dispersing waste
  • Providing food and fibre
  • Protection from river and coastal erosion
  • Filtering water
  • Plant pollination
  • Providing shade
  • Protection from UV rays
  • Controlling farming pests

[If time … could you draw this? Feel free to do this if you wish, but no compulsion!]