In Geography this Semester we will look at:

Environmental Management and Change

Key Focus 1 – The human-induced environmental changes that challenge sustainability
Key Focus 2 – Urban environments: A comparative study of Australian and international eg’s

Geographies of Human Wellbeing

Key Focus 1 – Human Wellbeing
Key Focus 2 – Inequalities in Human Wellbeing
Key Focus 3 – Improving Human Wellbeing

Week 1

8 groups of 3 to read from photocopy (Oxford Big Ideas – Geo 10, pp 6-12)

1 Place Space

2 Environment Interconnection

3 Scale Change

4 Place Environment

5 Space Scale

6 Interconnection Change

7 Sustainability Environment

8 Interconnection Sustainability

Geographical Concepts – table

 Answer these questions for your two conceptsin the table above:

  • What is it?
  • Does this concept have different categories?
  • What do geographers study in relation to this concept?
  • Why is this concept important?

Then, find someone who has a concept you need, and you have a concept they need. Share your answers. Discuss and clarify (go back to the handout if necessary)