Please read all instructions and then complete the following in your exercise books:

  1. Draw all of those (at least 10) who have an interest/stake in the ocean (ie stakeholders), showing their relationship with the water. (You will need to draw land and ocean; maybe across 2 pages of book)
    Number each stakeholder as you draw them (ie first thing drawn is labelled ‘1’, second stakeholder drawn is 2 etc)
    (Consider stakeholders who are: human or not; in the ocean, but also on or above the ocean, or on land. Industries? Environmental benefits? There is more than just fish in the sea …
  2. Take the perspective of one of the stakeholders you have drawn and think of the implications of ‘exploited oceans’ from that perspective using the following framework:I am thinking of: ‘exploited oceans’
    From the point of view of … [a particular stakeholder]
    As that stakeholder, I think … [you should think of a few points – 150-200 words]
    As that stakeholder, a question I have from this viewpoint is …
  3. You then need to have a decent guess (or research) the answer to the question you have asked.