9Pope Fri 7.8.15 / Tues 11.8.15
9dewhirst Mon 10.8.15

*** both classes finish by Thursday 13.8.15 ***

In a group of 3-4, spend a few minutes on these questions (write in exercise book):

  • Name 3-5 Australian political parties that you know
  • What do you know about them?

Research some of these political parties.
You should investigate the Australian Labor Party and the Liberal Party, plus two minor parties. (For a list of Australian political parties, try here)

  • Why did each party begin? When?
  • What group or type of person does the party try to appeal to (who might vote for this party?)
  • From its website, what would you say is the major issue for this party? Why?
  • What is the party’s position on
    • asylum seekers
    • university education
    • climate change
    • one other issue important to you

Work on each party together. Write these in your own words in your exercise books.