Exam is 90 minutes: an essay on one of the class texts and questions on a given text.

Students will have a choice of writing on EITHER Romeo and Juliet OR Animal Farm. Note that there will be other novels offered, done by other classes. Don’t answer them! Write only ONE essay.

Students will also have the option of bringing in a cheat sheet.

  • A4
  • Single sided
  • Hand written
  • Quotations and dot points
  • They CANNOT have paragraphs addressing key themes already written

Students should allow 60 minutes for the essay and 30 minutes to work on a critical reading.


  • some of the questions offered are likely to be similar to what you have answered in the assessment task
  • they are likely to be on key themes
    • Romeo & Juliet: love, fate, relationships (recall that we spent a bit of time on ‘star cross’d lovers’…)
    • Animal Farm as an allegory for power and organisation within society, and the increasing corruption of the ruling class
  • you may choose to have a range of events, key details and quotations from both texts, or concentrate on one and hope to get a favourable question.