Pages 147-151

1949 – Citizenship for all people born in Australia (this includes Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people for the first time)

1949 – Right to vote for returned Aboriginal servicemen or those who could vote in their home state (not WA, QLD or NT)

1950s & 60s – Maralinga Nuclear Testing (Read and watch here)

1950s & 60s – Strikes and Petitions, including Yolngu Bark Petition and Wave Hill Strike


1961 – Native Welfare Conference confirms that all aboriginal people will eventually ‘assimilate’ into mainstream Australian society

1962 – all Aboriginal and Torres Strait islanders can vote in Federal elections

1965 – Freedom Ride

1965 – ‘Integration’ replaces ‘Assimilation’ – Aboriginal people would be part of mainstream Australian society, but keep some aspects of their culture (like many of the non-British migrant communities did)