Addressing changing food values through market research


PDF (the photocopy)

Click to access McDonalds_Case_Study_Ed_4.pdf

How did McDonald’s

  • identify the interests of stakeholders?
  • what are the two types of research undertaken? Define each.
    • How were each undertaken?
    • what other market research do they do?
  • what quality control do they put into their research techniques?
  • Why did they implement 3 changes?
  • How do they communicate with their consumers? How does it differ?


Start of lesson:

List 6 things you want to know about a mobile phone

Choose one type of phone to investigate (go to its official website)

On a scale of 1 (hard) to 5 (easy), how easy was it to find the answers to your questions? (Just give the 1-5 scale, no need to write answers to your questions)

Feedback: Qualitative vs Quantitative