• Mr Jones
  • Major
  • Napoleon
  • Snowball
  • Squealer
  • Boxer
  • Mollie
  • Moses
  • The hens
  • The dogs
  • The pigeons
  • Mr Whymper
  • Mr Frederick
  • Mr Pilkington

Key to a story is the “construction” of character. Consider the author as a craftsperson. Things in stories (like characters) don’t just happen. They are made by the author (Orwell), crafted out of his language in the way he describes:

  • the things s/he does
  • the things s/he says
  • the way s/he reacts to, or interacts with, other characters we already know about
  • the way s/he adapts to, or rebels against, his/her environment
  • the connotations of the words Orwell uses to describe this character.

Create a poster or visual representation of your character. You should include examples (quotes or paraphrases) of how Orwell portrays this character. How is this character like the historical person (group) it is supposed to represent?