1. A due date is a due date…
  2. Email etiquette – I’m doing you a favour, it’s pretty simple to ask nicely rather than just attach the document to a blank email.
  3. How email works: don’t hit send then slam your lid … it won’t send, and you will miss the deadline. Better to learn the lesson on this than a final deadline or a job application.

  4. Keep focused on the question – Australian economy. Lots of irrelevant examples given from USA in particular.
  5. Structure! The scaffold suggests you have 3 key contributions. Use a topic sentence to outline what it is. Use specific data, whether from ABS or from within article/s you’ve found, rather than ‘lots of employees’ etc.
  6. Referencing: any information you’ve gotten from elsewhere. All stats need to be referenced.
  7. Use quality sources! blah.blogspot.com not necessarily a great source. Use the company website, or newspapers, or financial blogs from a company with an author credited.
  8. Conclusion: here’s you last chance to convince me. Take 5-10% of the word count and recap your main points, referring to an example or two you used. Possibly finish with a sentence that answers the question.