Social Justice Issue Study S1 2016


Due Date: 8.20am, Friday 18 March 2016 (Week 7) – Year 9 Office

There are many social justice issues in our world today. A few examples are:

Asylum seekers, war and peace, globalisation, world debt, slavery, human rights, women’s rights crime and punishment, reconciliation, land rights and Indigenous issues, child abuse, politics and power, civil rights, religious freedom, environment and sustainable futures, racism, domestic violence, homelessness, poverty, child labour, bullying, harassment etc.

 Part 1.     Research (50% of the marks)

Choose a topic of Social Justice and confirm it with your teacher and research it by means of books, magazines and the Internet and write answers to the following:

  1. Describe the issue and the effects it has – physical, emotional and/or financial.         (100 words min)
  2. Why is it unfair or unjust, and why do people get away with it? (in other words explain the power issue and how that power is abused). (100 words min)
  3. What is currently being done to address this issue/problem? How effective is this in helping to solve the problem? (150 words min)
  4. Find a Biblical Story OR Reference that relates to the issue/problem. Explain the connection between the
    1. Biblical Story OR Reference and your issue/problem and
    2. The message that Jesus is outlining in this story (200 words min)
  5. What is your personal reflection on this issue, and on the religious or spiritual response you found?  (100 words min)

A Bibliography MUST be provided.

(Your responses for Part 1 should total 650 words minimum and some may be appropriate to be done in a dot point format)


Part 2      Presentation (50% of the marks)

 Take your research from Part 1 and present it as one of the following.

Be aware that Part 2 will be presented to the class or another appropriate forum in negotiation with your teacher.

  1.  A Children’s Story Book (May be done as a pair)
  2. A Chapel Devotion (including Music, Bible Verse(s) and Prayer) (May be done as a group – confirm with your teacher)
  3. A letter to the Prime Minister making a case for his Government to do something about the issue. The content of your letter will set the theme for an Internet Page that will help to promote and raise awareness of the issue.