Sorry if I haven’t made it back yet – I’m hopefully on the bus after climbing Mount Lofty with my Year 9 Tutor group… and will be back soon! In the meantime:

Have you seen the case of ‘baby Asha’?

  1. Read the articles
  2. Summarise the case of ‘baby Asha’
  3. Identify 4 possible social justice issues raised in the articles (not just about Asha):
    1. do you agree each is a social justice issue? Why / not?
    2. what are some possible alternative actions that might be taken?
    3. what are the consequences of these actions – and are there further social justice concerns or legal problems with these actions?
  4. If there is a choice between following the law and acting in the spirit of social justice, how should we act? (as individuals, or as society through our government)