Why are the names all English sorts of names like Mary, Matthew, John etc? Why is Jesus white in paintings etc?

The names have been Anglicised – turned into English sounding equivalents (Mary most probably Miriam, for instance). Likewise the appearance of Jesus has been made to be western European (but in other places he looks different, too).

Here’s a few non-Anglo Jesuses:


South American Liberation Theology – Jesus leads the revolution


Jesus in ‘Eastern’ or Orthodox Christian ‘iconography’ (this one from Hagia Sophia, Turkey)

How would a Christian explain evolution?

Evolution disproves Genesis creation stories – which most Christians don’t believe to be literally true anyway – but not the existence of God. Christians are happy to believe evolution and the Big Bang, and still think that there is room for a Creator God within these explanations offered by science more modern than the 2000 year old Bible.