As I have said to both classes, you go to school to learn. Just because the Common Tests are done does not mean your learning for the year has stopped (you should learn things between end of school and 31 December, too!)

Generally, education systems are set up where the Government tells me what to teach you, and I tell you what you have to learn … you rarely have a say in it. Well, now is your chance!

For the rest of the year, learn about something you want to learn about that is related to Humanities (History, Geography, Politics, Law, Business, Economics).

For the Dewhirst class, here is your chance to better your webdesign skills – please present it on your WordPress site that you set up at the start of the term.

For the Pope class, either take notes and comments in your Google Drive folder, or you may learn how to present differently – perhaps create a website (maybe using a different site – Wix, WordPress, Weebly, Wikispaces, Google Sites all have free options)

I look forward to seeing what you find through the process.

Your ‘mark’ at the end of this is self-satisfaction and new knowledge.