Two hours + 10 min reading time.


Two equal parts: Essay + Source Analysis. Allow about an hour for each.

Essay should be 800-1000 words.
Well structured.
Full of historical detail.

I will give you the question (there will be options) next Thursday, but you can start by reviewing what we have done… because the sources topic might come from anything we have studied.


Year 11 History Source Analysis task

Refer to the separate sheet of sources when answering this question.

Examine the sources carefully.

Answer all parts of the question.

  1. Examine Source 1. Identify …   (1 mark)
  2. What two conclusions can be drawn from Source 2 about …
    Give evidence from the source to support your conclusions. (2 marks)
  3. Examine Source 3. How credible is this source?
    Give reasons for your opinion. (3 marks)
  4. To what extent is the information given in Source 3 supported by Source 4?
    Give evidence from each source to support your argument. (4 marks)
  5. Examine Sources 4 and 5. With reference to the content and nature of both sources, assess their usefulness and limitations for a historian studying [a topic]. (5 marks)
    Evaluate this statement with reference to all the sources. (5 marks)

Total /20, therefore roughly three minutes per mark. Half your time should be spent on the last two questions – approx 200 words each.