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Term 4 Assignment-Geographies of Human Wellbeing

Due: Friday 20 November (Week 6)
Please note that I have a very short timeframe to mark – if you submit late, you will have a 0 for this task.

Some Resources

Human Wellbeing: The issues (an introduction)

United Nations: index of Global Issues

Access to sanitation
Access to water
  –  The Water Project: Education, Health, Hunger, Poverty
–  How throwing away food wastes water too
Access to shelter
Child Exploitation
  –  Child Labour resources from United Nations
–  Violence against women and girls resources from UN
Non-Government Organisations (NGOs)
Poverty & Aid (Worldvision)
–  Hunger (United Nations)
Geographies of Human Wellbeing
(includes chapters on Women & Girls, Population & Poverty, Disease)

Impact of colonialism: emotive, persuasive article suggesting reparations to former colonies.