As a geographical concept, Place is fundamental to how we think about ourselves and our world.


Quick Questions (answer in your wordpress blog)
Name 10 places (can be country, city, suburb, building, park etc)
What word/s do you immediately think of when you hear this place (eg Adelaide Oval – cricket; Glenelg – beach; Antarctica – penguins, Grandma’s house – cheesecake etc.) Label each as ‘positive’, ‘negative’ or ‘neutral’ depending on how you think about it (Grandma’s cheesecake = positive!)

List as much as you can think of for each of these places:
New York, London, Tokyo, Germany, Russia, Sudan, China, Indonesia, Melbourne
What is similar for all/many of these?
How is it different to what you know about Adelaide?
What sorts of factors determine someone’s feeling about a place? Could different people feel completely different about the same place? How/why? Give an example.

Do these feelings about place determine how we interact with them?

Would you love to travel to any of those places above? Would you not travel to any? Why/ not?

Activity – do this as a New Page in your WordPress site. Provide a link in your blog post of today.

You have won an around the world trip to 20 destinations anywhere in the world for you and 3 others. (You should take parent/s and sibling/s as first priority – if you are an only child, then you can take a friend (an actual friend – name them).) Each person should have at least 5 destinations that they are excited to go to (eg Dad is NOT excited about shopping anywhere) – there can be multiple people

For each destination, you need to:

  1. Name the place
  2. Provide photo/s and
  3. a short explanation of why you chose it (should include who is excited to go there and why)

Create a map (eg Google mymaps, or other is ok) and tag each place. Insert the map to your page.