(Dewhirst Mon 21/9; Pope Tues/Wed 22-23/9)

Only one thing to do at the end of our citizenship unit: how much did you improve on the Australian Citizenship Test? Re-take it and compare with your initial score.
NOTE: 9DEWHIRST class averaged about 90%, so pressure is on, 9POPE!

We are going to do a short unit on ‘Art as Protest’ following on from the citizenship unit.

Start a new powerpoint document, with a Title Page ‘Art as Protest‘.

  1. Paste and name 2 examples of what you consider to be ‘Art’
  2. Paste and name 2 examples of what others consider to be ‘Art’ but you don’t think it is. For example:Jackson Pollock, 'Blue Poles', Jackson Pollock, ‘Blue Poles’, National Gallery of Australia. Not what I would call ‘art’ but I didn’t spend $1.3 million on it in 1973, nor would I spend $20 million to $100 million on it now!
  3. Paste and name 2 examples of what is not ‘Art’.


The next few lessons will be on a specific website for this unit:


We will work through each section (1-5) and then 6 is the assessment task:

*** Due Friday, Week 1, Term IV ***

9Dewhirst Homework from Mon 21/9 … Finish 1, 2 & one of 3
9Pope: Wed 22/9: Sections 1, 2, 3