9 Dewhirst – Monday 14 Sept L4&5
9 Pope – Tues 15 Sept / Wed 16 Sept

As we look at the role of the local Members of Parliament, here is a pretty good simulation from the UK Parliament.

As you play the simulation, please keep a diary of the day/time, what actions you took, why you acted this way, and the reaction your actions had for your ‘Party Reputation’, ‘Voter Support’ and ‘Media Profile’.

MP for a week

At the end:
– what did you learn about being a Member of Parliament?
– what did it confirm about what you already knew about being an MP?
– did you spot any differences that you think might be between Australia and UK?

If you finish – please look at the different options under ‘Political Activism’ from the post for 7 September ‘Participatory Democracy’ … especially Free Rice!
– Why were each established?
– What do they hope to achieve?

Finish the lesson on the Free Rice website, contributing food to the World Food Program. Attempt a few different subject areas.

We will look at letters to your local Member of Parliament (MP) on Thursday. Please make sure they are done.
Mr Toohey