Following such brilliant environmental ideas such as introducing the cane toad to Queensland, we have come to develop a better understanding of the environment as a ‘system’ rather than just trying to tackle individual parts. Out of this ‘systems thinking’ came the DPSIR Framework.

Drivers, Pressures, State, Impacts, Response

Read some further information on the DPSIR Framework here


Now, individually think through this information by following this schema (and write it down so I can see that you are thinking!):

  • Identify a CLAIM made by the DPSIR framework.
  • SUPPORT this claim with evidence, perhaps an example that you can think of or can find.
  • QUESTION what you do not understand, what you need further clarification on, where you can think of an example where the DPSIR framework does not fit or apply.

Have fun next week! Remember about the in class task on Tuesday, Week 6…