This will be a self-directed lesson where you can investigate an issue or issues of interest from the list below:

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Environmental Management

Habitat Loss

Environmental Worldviews

Human Well Being

Each of these headings is also a link to pages from the Pearson Year 10 Geo textbook, however you should use this as a basis only. Read this first, then look for two other sources.

In your books, you should outline the issue by addressing:
 – what is the problem?
 – how did the problem come about?
 – what are some solutions being proposed and implemented?
 – how successful have these been?
 * Finally, what were the two sources you used? How useful were they? (Refer to the ‘Origin and Purpose’ of the sources, and highlight aspects of value and any limitations)

And a heads up:
There will be an in-class task on Tuesday of Week 6 on Environmental Change and Management. There are a number of questions to complete in an “open book” format. Make sure you have your laptop and it is fully charged!